A reflection on 2009 and a look at 2010

Post by Pam Bonin, Hospitality Director

2009 introduced new wines and new experiences for our customers.  Sangria Classic, an instant favorite, was released this year followed by Sparkling Catawba that came and went like a penny spent.

Sparkling Catawba was released on Black Friday and was sold out before Christmas Eve.  There was actually a slow motion dash for the last bottle.  Whoever got the last bottle (you know who you are), I hope you toasted to a great year and enjoyed the wine with great friends!

Creekbend was a big focus for us last year.  We realized that we were still getting questions like “So, what is Creekbend?  Is it another winery?  Why are you selling another winery’s product?  It doesn’t say Oliver anywhere on the label, I don’t get it?”  Creekbend is our commitment to produce great wines from Indiana grown grapes.  Creekbend is the name of our vineyard that is about 5 miles west of the winery.  It is a beautiful place that produces  wonderful fruit.  We wanted to share this special place with our customers and began to offer Creekbend tours for the first time ever in the fall of 2009.  A special weekend in September was also reserved for a Creekbend Open House.

Bill Oliver conducts a tour at Creekbend Vineyard

The weekend was filled with tasting Creekbend wines and the grapes they come from.  Trekking through the vineyard with our Vineyard Manager, Bernie Parker and Winemaker, Bill Oliver, they shared stories and information about growing grapes in Indiana.  A picture can say a thousand words but going out to Creekbend Vineyard to experience the shear beauty of growing grapes in  Monroe County is a special experience.  We had a lot of fun sharing this place with you.  We are going to continue to share it with you through 2010.

We also launched a new website, a Wine Club and we can now ship wine to customers to 18 states!!  We were full steam ahead in 2009 and we appreciate that you were along for the ride.

We entered into 2010 with the same mission as we have in the year’s past.  Continue to produce quality wines, bring new wine experiences to our customers and provide customer service that is sensational!  Hard work but pretty darn easy when you love what you do!  Here is a little preview into what 2010 holds:

  • Wine Club Events – We want to meet all of our wine club members.  There will be some special opportunities that will be reserved just for you!
  • New Wines – Looking forward to all of our 2009 wines from Creekbend.  A brand new one on the list this year – Semi-Dry Vidal Blanc.  Perfect for all of you Riesling and Gewurtz fans.  I tasted it last week.  Fabulous.
  • Tunes on the Terrace dates are set – June 25th, July 23rd, August 20th
  • Creekbend Vineyard Tours – We want to make Creekbend more accessible!  Keep an eye out for scheduled tour dates.

    We love Facebook!
  • Communication – We want to keep you in the loop.  As we entered into the e-commerce world with the launching of our new website, we realized that we need to let all of you know what is going on.  Facebook, Twitter, this blog and our monthly emails are going to allow us to keep you “in the know”.  So fan us, follow us, tweet us, whatever you prefer!

I look forward to seeing all of you in the tasting room this year.  Keep in mind that January and February are quiet months for us.  So if you don’t want to fight the crowds of the summer and fall.  Come out and see us.  We are excited to share our wines and our stories and to make new friends.  Don’t be surprised if we ask you a little about yourself – it’s what we do.


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