Creekbend Vineyard Update- New vines and new staff!

Post by Bernie Parker, Vineyard Manager

Spring is here.  2010 will begin with planting of almost 10,000 vines which will bring us up to 48 acres of grapes.  Catawba lovers are in luck as we are more than doubling the amount of Catawba planting, though it won’t be producing until 2012.  We are also planting more Chambourcin, Vignoles, and Valvin Muscat.  In my last entry, I talked about a new red variety from Davis Viticulture  Research (DVR) called Crimson Cabernet.  We feel this variety will be well received by the Hoosier faithful, go Cream and Crimson!  DVR has interested us in another of their new white varieties  called Cabernet Doré. Cabernet Doré is a white grape that makes an excellent white wine resembling a Sauvignon Blanc that has been tamed with a bit of
Semillon.  All of these vines will start producing for us in 2012, so be sure to come out over the next couple of years to watch their progress.

All of this work is not done by me alone, we have a great vineyard crew and we have just spent the last three weeks finding five additional people to join us for the season.  We have found some great folks who I will introduce in our next blog post.  We also did a nationwide search for a new Assistant Vineyard Manager and we are happy to announce that Justin Lovell has joined the Oliver Team.  He hails from Lexington, KY where he worked for the University of Kentucky Animal Research Center as a Research Farm Technician.  He started on the 1st of March and has jumped right into the thick of things , pounding posts and helping out with bottling on the rainy days. Please join us in welcoming Justin!

Justin and Sheila, one of our full-time vineyard staff, lend a hand at March Gladness 2010.

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