Celebrating our new staff

Post by Jessika Hane, Human Resources Director

Last night we celebrated our new staff with pizza, wine and good conversation. We have recently hired eight new Tasting Room staff and four new seasonal Vineyard staff.  This event is a great way for the veteran staff to meet the new staff.  Bring on new staff is always an exciting time for us. Seeing the winery through the eyes of a new employee makes me appreciate what a unique work environment we have created here. I was giving a facility tour to four of the new staff on Sunday and as we walked into the production facility that holds our bottling line, one of them said “Wow, I can’t believe you are showing us EVERYTHING. That’s neat!”

It is neat. And it’s important.  Showing our retail staff how our production facility works, how our vineyard is planted is part of our cross-training, inclusive culture. We want our employees to feel at home here. This is their business too.

Be sure to say hi to the new folks next time you visit the winery.

From L-R: New staff members Kristi, Rachelle and Morgan hang out with Bill Oliver
What a good looking group! Molly,Tasting Room, welcomes our new Lab & Production Manager- Melanie Strong. Next to Melanie, Vineyard Crew members Michael and Andrew make sure that new hire John feels at home.
New staff members Christine, Brady, Morgan and Kristi chat with Bernie and Bill at the bar.
Welcome and Cheers to the New Staff!

One thought on “Celebrating our new staff

  1. Uma Richmond

    I thoroughly enjoyed Oliver Winery on Saturday, August 28, 2010. My son and his wife picked an absolutely beautiful day to visit your winery. Each one of us tasted a two or three wines and brought home an assortment of six bottles. I especially enjoy Pinot Grigio.

    Your garden is definitely Shangri-La.

    Thank you.

    Uma Richmond
    7540 West Saint Clair St. A
    Indianapolis, IN 46214
    317 271 1936


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