Busy Spring at Creekbend Vineyard

Post by Bernie Parker, Vineyard Manager

The vineyard continues to grow. We have gotten all of the new plants in and the trellis up.  There are 16 acres of posts and blue tubes, it is quite a sight to see. It has been a great spring so far! We had a dry spell followed by lots of rain. Everything is growing well and the vines are super healthy. Some are even out of their grow tubes.

The vines started growing early this year, due to the warm spring. We experienced two frost events on April 28th and May 9th. Because of the varied terrain of Creekbend Vineyard certain areas of the vineyard and certain varieties of grapes were more affected than others. We will experience some crop loss for the 2010 season. But never fear, there will still be lots of Creekbend wine to enjoy, the Vidal, Vignoles, Pinot Gris and Chambourcin all look especially good.

There are only a few ways to protect against a frost, especially frost events that happen in late spring and this picture shows one of them.

Orchard Rite wind machines stand 40 feet tall and have a 20 foot diameter blade that turns at 500 rpm’s.  They actually pull the warm air layer from 60 to 90 feet above the ground down and move it across the vineyard.  In  the right conditions it can warm up 14 acres of vineyard.  This summer we will be installing 2 machines to protect our most susceptible areas,  the vinifera and east Catawba fields, so that we can provide you with some of your favorite wines!  Come out at the Open House or the Creekbend Experience night and see these awesome machines.

We have lots of new faces on the vineyard team this year and they are all doing great! They are getting a real workout with all the new acreage, the frost and just keeping up with the other 33 acres of grapes. We are very excited about this year!

The New Crew (L-R): John Kearney, Eric Eubank, Brandon Whitacre, Steven Thomas, Jason White

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