Indiana Legislative Update- Show us your ID!

Get ready to feel young again!  As of Thursday July 1st, 2010, Indiana law now requires us to obtain identification from all customers purchasing wine, regardless of age. Next time you join us in the tasting room, don’t forget to bring your ID inside…we know when we get busy it can be a long way back to your car to go get it!

For more information about this law, you can review the larger bill from the Indiana Senate SB75 by clicking here.

And on a special note, this bill also allows Indiana’s wonderful microbreweries to join us in selling carryout on Sundays. We encourage you to take advantage by visiting our friends Upland Brewing Company or Bloomington Brewing Company this holiday weekend, and picking up a growler for the barbeque.  That is, of course, along with a bottle of Oliver wine!

We hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

For you BBC enthusiasts out there, Bloomington Brewing Company is currently auctioning off their first ever Sunday Growler on EBay. Check it out and own a piece of history!

One thought on “Indiana Legislative Update- Show us your ID!


    We love your wine! I have a suggestion….you should have a link to just your recipes, so we can find them easier and we can continue to use your website for old and new recipes to come!


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