Our biggest “fans” arrive at Creekbend Vineyard!

Post by Bernie Parker, Vineyard Manager

Windy Days Ahead!

The Orchard Rite Wind Machines have arrived at Creekbend Vineyard. They are used for frost protection in the spring and also can help reduce damage from severe cold in the winter. The way they work is to pull warmer air 60-90 feet above the vineyard and direct it down to the ground level. This can actually increase air temperatures by 3-5 degrees. We are really excited to have them because we have had six frost events in the last 10 years. These frost events can result in crop damage and serious reduction in the harvest. When you are next out at the vineyard look for the tall silver poles, we have placed them next to some of  your favorites; Catawba/Traminette and Pinot Gris/Cabernet Sauvignon. They stand 37 feet in the air and have a fan diameter of 20 feet!!  What a sight they are!

3 thoughts on “Our biggest “fans” arrive at Creekbend Vineyard!

  1. Jeanie East

    I just came home from Indiana to Arizona. I wonder how, when, where I can get the Bean Blossom Blush in Arizona? Help me, please.


    • oliverwinery

      We are so happy to hear that you are a fan of our Beanblossom Blush! Sadly, due to state law, we are unable to ship directly to consumers in Arizona. This is a big bummer, as we would love nothing more than to ship to you. We can ship to California and Colorado, if you have friends/family in those states. One thing to keep in mind, next time you are in Indiana, stop by and see us. We ARE able to ship to your home (in Arizona) up to 2 cases of wine per year, when you physically order it in the tasting room. But you have to be here to do it. Maybe we will see you soon?


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