Welcome Back IU Parents!

Post by Pam Bonin, Hospitality Director

We are so lucky to be a part of a university town like Bloomington!  Our community is diverse and is a great mix of Bloomingtonians, Indiana University students and professors and those that got sucked into the Bloomington-way after they graduated from IU.  Indiana University classes are now in session and last week was filled with family vehicles packed to the brim with the essentials for survival.  My favorite part about move-in week is meeting the parents that stop in to taste or stock up on wine after the moving is complete.  There is a mix of emotions.  I poured wine for one family from California that was all smiles because the last of three girls just started her first year of school.  And not to mention, they were pleasantly surprised that a winery was just up the road from the university.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this family again.  They really enjoyed the soft elegance of our Creekbend Chambourcin.

There are also the parents that have just dropped off their one and only child to start their freshmen year. They are exhausted from the heat and the moving and emotional that they just had to leave little Bobby to fend for himself.  I promise you, Bloomington is a great community and it will take good care of little Bobby.  By time they have finished their tasting they have found some new favorite wines and the mother is planning her next trip back to visit her son (and Oliver Winery, of course).

And I can’t forget the parents that are at the end of the bar celebrating that their “kid” just started his senior year.  They are on the home stretch and counting down the days until their kid is, as my dad always says, “off the payroll”!

Thank you, parents, for making Oliver Winery a part of your visits to Indiana University.

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