A Year of Wine Competitions

Post by John Metzcar, Assistant Winemaker

Oliver Winery has had an excellent season in this year’s wine competitions.  We did well in every competition we entered and received several outstanding awards.  The highlight of our competitions this year was the Indy International Wine Competition, where we received the Winemaker of the Year award out of the 1453 domestic and international wineries who submitted entries.  In addition to that prestigious award, our Beanblossom Hard Cider won the Indiana Grown Fruit Wine of the Year and Harvest Flavors Mango won the Danville Honey Honey-Wine Blend of the year.  Also, we received a Double Gold medal for Soft Rose, Riesling, and Traminette at this competition.

Several other highlights from this season of wine competitions include our 2009 Pinot Grigio.  At the International Eastern Wine Competition, it received a double gold medal and won best of varietal from among Pinot Grigios submitted from all over the country and the world.  At other competitions, all of our Soft Wines received gold medals, as well as our Gewürztraminer, Ice Wine, Chambourcin Rosé (actually 2 gold medals) and several others.

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