Vidal Blanc-A Versatile Variety at Creekbend Vineyard

Post by Sheila Z, Vineyard Staff

We create three different wines from the beautiful, golden Vidal Blanc grapes.  The first picking is for our sparkling wine and occurred on August 31.  The second round harvest was on September 15 for our Vidal Blanc Reserved Sweetened wine.  The final picking for this grape occurs when we make ice wine.  A process that requires the outside temperature be down below 10 degrees overnight in order to freeze the grapes solid.  If the temperature during harvest rises over 15 degrees, we will stop harvest,  since the grapes must be frozen in order to process them.

Beautiful ripe clusters of Vidal Blanc grapes
Harvesters fill lugs with grapes
Lug contents are then transferred to bins
Bins are loaded onto the trailer for transfer to the winery. Full bins weigh approximately 1000 pounds.
Empty lugs waiting to be washed for another harvest

If you haven’t had a chance to taste these three delicious wines made from one fabulous grape variety, I encourage you to visit us soon. The pumpkins are on display and we will start making our famous hot, mulled  Beanblossom Hard Cider as soon as the weather cools down. To tide you over, follow this link to our recipe for hot and tasty mulled cider.

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