Putting the Vinifera to Bed

Post by Bernie Parker, Vineyard Manager

Every year we put our cold sensitive varieties, like Cabernet Sauvignon, to bed. The first step is to do a rough pruning to be able to work around the vines. This year is the second year that we have used foam insulation over the graft unions. This will provide a green house effect utilizing the ground warmth to moderate the temperature around the vine. Coupled with the straw that is put over the foam it keeps the graft unions at a balmy 20 to 40 degrees F even when temps fluctuate between minus 15 to over 60 degrees.

Vines are snuggled into their beds for a long winters nap

As you enjoy that bottle of Creekbend Cabernet or Pinot Grigio this winter you can be sure it is safe and cozy under the straw and foam.


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