New Commercials- Have You Seen Them Yet?

Post by Pam Bonin, Marketing Manager

We polished up our TV commercials this year with the help of a very talented producer and our good friend, Jo Throckmorton & his crew. After a little bit of editing (okay, maybe a lot), we produced four television commercials starring our staff and some  good friends and customers! Thanks to everyone who helped make these commercials possible.  All of the customers that helped us for “The Experience” commercial went through two grueling hours of filming (and drinking wine.)  What a tough life they lead!  We had a lot of fun that night.

Most of our commercials air on WTHR Indianapolis (NBC, Channel 13).  Here is the schedule through the end of 2010.

We are rotating the four different commercials at random during these times:

Sunrise                  Wed-Fri                      6-7am            (Will air 2 of the 3 days)
Early News          Wed-Fri                      5-6:30pm      (Will air all 3 days)
Jeopardy             Wed-Fri                      7:30-8pm      (Will air 1 of the 3 days)
Sat Sunrise          Saturday                    7-10am

Below are the commercials, if you cannot wait to see them:

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