A Welcome Back Parade…on your palate!

Post by Pam Bonin, Marketing Manager

That’s what Drew, Team Manager and Resident Funny Man said after he tasted a flight of vintage dry red wines from our library.  I love this time of year when we dig back in our wine library to see which vintage wines we would like to re-release in the tasting room for the holidays.  It is a chance for us to reacquaint ourselves with some old favorites and see how they are aging.  We’ve really dialed in our red wine making program over the last five-six years and our winemaker, Dennis Dunham, is quite proud of the results.  As we experienced yesterday at 11:30am, tasting our collection of dry red wines dating back to 2003, these wines are definitely age worthy.  Look for some of your old favorites to hit the tasting room this weekend.  You are in for quite a surprise!  I’ll give you one hint….RESERVE a place in your cellar for these two Shirazi (that’s plural for Shiraz).

Winemakers Dennis Dunham and John Metzcar are in agreement – we are making some mighty fine wine!
Team Manager, Drew, and Team Leader, Ellen, like what they taste.

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