New Year’s Resolutions


Post by Bill Oliver, Director of Winemaking

Three Resolutions for Winemakers in 2011

  1. Spend more time in the vineyard. In fact, winemakers should resolve to actually CAMP in the vineyard, preferably without a tent on a moonless night. This would be an excellent way to bond with the vines and to better understand terroir. Repeated camp-outs could be necessary if one overnight fails to deliver the desired harmony with the vines.
  2. Relax. Stop stressing about grape parameters, fermentation harmonics and label deliveries. Developing wine is sensitive and cannot reach its full potnetial in a cellar full of worry.
  3. Cook. While this may not go over well with Oliver Winery’s capable financial controller, we should immediately install a full professional kitchen in the offices shared by the winemaking staff. How can we be expected to fully appreciate our wines without thoughtfully prepared foods to accompany them? We may need a chef as well.

Three Resolutions for Wine Drinkers in 2011

  1. Free yourself from the bonds of Vitis Vinifera tyranny: European varieties make wonderful wines, but so does Vitis Rotundifolia, Vitis Deliciosis and Interspecific varities. Go ahead, blind taste test Creekbend Chardonel against a French or California Chardonnay. Just a friendly challenge. Please email us with your findings.
  2. Drink WUP: Wine from Unique Places. Great wine is made in lots of places- Idaho, Colorado, Missouri and yes, Indiana. Have a WUP party at your home. Please invite me.
  3. Entertain more. My parents had dinner parties seemingly every week when I was a kid! Has this gone out of style? Spending too much time hauling your kinds to sports practices? Less soccer, more barbeques!

Happy New Year!

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Africa

    As a native Californian, I love our Chardonnays, but I’m up for the challenge and will keep you posted on my taste test. Love the Drink WUP party idea, look for an invite in the coming months. 🙂


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