Sparkling Catawba- a labor of love!

Post by Bernie Parker, Vineyard Manager

Sparkling Catawba is a labor of love, and I do mean labor.  As you may remember, our sparkling wine making process is very hands on. The same holds true for our special (and super popular) Sparkling Catawba. After the wine is made, we bottle it and add yeast in order to do a secondary fermentation in the bottle, which can take up to 6 months or more to finish. This is the traditional French method of champagne making.

From disgorging to adding the dosage, everything is done by hand.


Members of the sparkling "crew" dry off bottles prior to labeling. How cute are they?


John, a member of our vineyard crew, installs the cork.
Justin Lovell, our Assistant Vineyard Manager, twists the wire cage into place.

The bottles are then cleaned, inspected, and placed back into the boxes by Ralph Keith (landscape crew)  to warm up to room temperature in order for us to apply the labels and foil.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor, while it lasts.  The 2008 vintage of 110 cases sold out in less than a month and the 63 cases (out of a total 320 cases) of  2009 vintage we disgorged before Christmas sold out in one week. Our most recent “batch” of the 2009, disgorged last week, should sell out soon. Order it here or come and visit the Tasting Room.

Cheers from the Sparkling crew!

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