Local Supporting Local

Post by Sarah McAleer, Southern Regional Sales Manager

Local Supporting Local (makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?)

That is what Oliver Winery is working hard to accomplish in Bloomington. We are building relationships with local restaurants, and showing them that the winery in their backyard makes quality wines worthy to be on their wine list with other national brands.

Several local restaurants have been stepping up to support Oliver Winery like never before. If you like to dine in Bloomington and you also like to enjoy a glass or share a bottle of Oliver wine during your meal, consider visiting one of the featured restaurants below. Please add the Oliver Winery blog to your “favorites” and check back often as we will continue to keep you informed about special Oliver features and wine list additions in local restaurants.


LENNIE’S – This month, receive a complimentary mini indulgence with the purchase of a glass of Creekbend Ice Wine or Maximum Port. February is a great month to enjoy some dessert with your sweetheart.

PUCCINI’S – New additions to their dessert wine list include Creekbend Late Harvest Vignoles and Maximum Port. They also carry other Oliver favorites on their wine list including Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Shiraz and Soft Red. If you haven’t checked out Puccini’s new menu, we highly recommend it.

FARM BLOOMINGTON – Merlot, Chambourcin Rosé, Vidal Blanc Sparkling and the Hoosier Martini are just a few of the new additions to Farm Bloomington’s wine list. You won’t be sorry if you ask for the Hoosier Martini made with Soft Red, vodka, fresh lime juice and a splash of lemon lime soda. A refreshing new twist to an old favorite.

Oliver Winery and Bloomington restaurants, now that’s what I call supporting local. Cheers!

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