Hug your Indiana Farmer Friends!

Post by Pam Bonin, Marketing Manager

March is Agriculture Appreciation Month in Indiana.

Indiana wineries are the leading agri-tourism destination in the state of Indiana, attracting over 2 million visitors each year.  With over 600 acres of grapes growing in the state, viticulture in Indiana is a growing and vital part of Indiana’s agriculture landscape. A special thanks goes out to Jeanette Merritt of the Indiana Wine Grape Council for her hard work and dedication in promoting Indiana’s wineries. We truly appreciate all of the support from our neighbors and friends.

So help celebrate Agriculture Appreciation Month! May we suggest a few ideas:

  • Purchase Indiana wine, beer, fruits, vegetables, flowers or meat from a farmers market, local store, local restaurant or local winery.
  • Tour an Indiana farm.
  • Hug your favorite Indiana farmer.  They deserve a little extra love this month.  We did….

The following websites are great resources for finding Indiana farms and farmer’s markets.

Hug a farmer! Celebrate Agriculture Appreciation Month and the arrival of spring! Cheers!!

2 thoughts on “Hug your Indiana Farmer Friends!

  1. arleen krebs

    i am having trouble find blackberry wine in my area. i live in brown co. but shop in franklin and indpls regularly. let me know. arleen


    • oliverwinery

      Arleen- So glad to hear you are a fan of Blackberry wine! We do not sell it to our distributor so it is really not available anywhere other than our Bloomington Tasting Room. We are open seven days a week and would LOVE to have you come and visit us. We also offer quantity discounts on our wines and we can ship to customers in Indiana, but you have to visit us first to fill out a verification form. Once you fill this out, we can ship you Blackberry wine anytime!
      If you would like more information, please call our Tasting Room at 800-25-TASTE!


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