Springtime means white wines

Post by John Metzcar, Assistant Winemaker

After the long, cold winter, we are looking forward to warm spring days.  And what is the best thing about those warm weather days?  Well, drinking new fresh wines from the 2010 vintage of course!

As a winemaker, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard work come to fruition and actually opening a bottle of your wine.  And as a winedrinker (which I also am), nothing is more exciting than seeing a new vintage of wines get released and tasting and enjoying what the new season has to offer.  Right now in the tasting room, we are in the middle of switching over from our 2009 whites to the 2010 whites.  So, at the same time that I am stocking up on old favorites from last year, I am previewing the 2010 wines by sipping some of the recently bottled whites.  And luckily for all of us, we already have some of the 2010 wines in the Tasting Room.  I have highlighted a few below-

2010 Chambourcin Rosé – I know, I know…  I said I was going to write about whites, but we process this dry rosé like a white wine and drink it chilled, so it counts, right?  Rosé is kind of like a dry red for summer and from this wine I get lots of rich ripe fruit (specifically kind of a peachy, strawberry flavor) and a deep red color.

2010 Riesling – This Riesling is well balanced with acidity and touch of sweetness, which brings out the fruit qualities of the wine.  This particular vintage, the wine strikes me as having a nectarine and apple-like quality and an excellent, refreshing finish.

2010 Pinot Grigio – The 2010 Pinot Grigio is dry and crisp with flavors of lemon and fresh cut grass and a bright finish.

All three are great examples of the fresh wines of spring and summer, perfect for a warm day or after a long hike through Morgan-Monroe State Forest.

Look forward to more coming out soon, and keep in mind to buy plenty of your favorite whites from the 2009 vintage because they will be gone soon. Speaking of 2009 white wines, the tasting room will be offering a special sale on two of our dry white wines during the month of May! To be one of the first to hear about this and other promotions, please join our email list.

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