Summer Invasion- Beanblossom Hard Ciders are here!

Post by Pam Bonin, Marketing Manager and hand model!

You may have noticed that Beanblossom Hard Cider has been sold out since 2010.  You’re probably thinking, “it’s summer, it’s hot & I need that perfect picnic wine!”  Your tastebuds have been craving the crisp, refreshing, slightly sweet taste of fresh picked apples that pair perfectly with summer salads and turkey sandwiches.  Summer just hasn’t been the same without it!

Beanblossom Hard Cider fans – the wait is over!  The new Beanblossom Hard Cider and it’s entourage of flavors is now available in the tasting room.  This new collection of ciders boasts new packaging – 100% recyclable aluminum bottles.  Yes, aluminum bottles!  Perfect for all of your backyard get-togethers, outdoor recreational activities and any social encounter where adult beverages are part of the fun.

This is truly a hard cider from the heartland.  Crafted from the juice of fresh Midwestern apples, the Original Beanblossom Hard Cider is just how you remember it.  We added 3 naturally flavored hard ciders – Peach, Raspberry & Strawberry.  They are all crisp, refreshing and slightly sweet.  Just like a summer beverage should be.

Our staff got a preview of the hard ciders at our annual employee meeting on Wednesday and they very excited to share them with you!

Winemaker Dennis Dunham helps unpack the newly bottled ciders from their case boxes.

We are just so excited to share this new product with you.  Stop in for a visit this weekend.  Each delicious 500ml bottle sells for $4.00 plus tax. We are having an introductory case sale to celebrate the launch of the Beanblossom Hard Ciders.  You can pick up a mixed Beanblossom Fruit Crate Mixed Case for 25% off.  (Normally $48, you can enjoy a case of 12 for $36 plus tax) Instead of a “U-pick” case sale it’s a “We-pick” case sale.  It is a great deal and it will give you a chance to try all 4 fancy flavors!

Can’t make it to our Tasting Room in Bloomington? The Beanblossom Hard Ciders will soon be available for purchase through our website and will be coming soon to grocery and package stores near you. Visit our website for more updates.

19 thoughts on “Summer Invasion- Beanblossom Hard Ciders are here!

  1. Den

    I just tried the hard cider when I was in Ohio for the first time and now I am a FAN! But, I am not sure where to purchase them in northern Illinois- please help me!!



    Several years ago I remember a recipe you had for hard apple cider, spices and something else. Do you still have that? I’ve searched your site and couldn’t find anything.


    • oliverwinery

      Nancy- The recipe can be found on our website in the “cocktail and drink recipe” section. The basic ingredients are Beanblossom Hard Cider, water, Aspen Mulling Spices and honey. Here is the link to the recipe, it’s on the bottom of the page. Also, we sell Aspen Mulling Spices on our website as well. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Meliss Chambers

    Where I can I purchase these in the Northern Panhandle of WV. I have tried them at a local bar but cannot locate in a grocery store or liquor store. Thanks! BTW, they are AWESOME!


  4. brian

    are your wines gluten free? we are from pa and have a wedding in indianapolis this weekend. they are having oliver wine at the reception please let me know


  5. Courtney

    I tried warm peach cider complimentary yesterday at the Oliver Winery in Bloomington. It was so good! I bought the hard peach cider but I dont know what to mix it with.. Do you have a recipe for that?


    • oliverwinery

      Hello Courtney. Glad to hear you enjoyed the our mulled peach cider over the weekend. Wasn’t it just the perfect weather for it? I will find out what recipe we were using and email it to you!


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