Canadice, Jupiter, Lakemont, Marquis, Reliance…

Post by Pam Bonin, Marketing Manager

Canadice, Jupiter, Lakemont, Marquis, Reliance….

No, these are not the top 5 baby names of 2011.  They are the names of the tasty table grapes from Creekbend Vineyard. This is the first year we have harvest these delicious grapes and they are now on sale in the tasting room.  These are the best table grapes I have ever tasted!  So fresh, so juicy and so flavorful.  They each have their own unique flavors and you can actually taste the difference.

These won’t last long!  We are expecting to have freshly-picked table grapes for sale on the weekends in the tasting room for the next few weeks.  Just ask a staff member to point you in the right direction!  Each variety is $3.50/lb.

If you are making a special trip out to the winery, just give us a call to make sure we still have some available for sale.

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