Fantastic Fall!

Post by Jessika Hane, HR Director

It’s finally fall, my favorite time of year. Bright, crisp and sunny days mean it is time to harvest grapes! Things are looking great at Creekbend Vineyard. If you haven’t already, you should subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out our vineyard video series-Creekbend In Bloom.

It really looks like fall here at the winery. Hundreds of pumpkins, squash and gourds are decorating our front porch. It is a sight to see!! We’ve got beautiful pumpkins for carving and baking, squash for roasting and so many cute little baby pumpkins and gourds.  Everything is grown at Creekbend Vineyard and available for sale (except for the “great pumpkin” standing guard by the front door).

Stop by and see us this weekend. Explore our grounds, have a picnic with the family and spend some time tasting wine with our staff. We will be glad to have you!

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Fall!

  1. Stephanie (The Dinner Babe)

    My husband finally took me to visit you last Friday so I could sign up for your wine club. What a beautiful fall day it was at your place! We so enjoyed the park-like grounds you have & all of the pathways. We can’t wait to come back!

    I was wondering, though, if there is a recipe for the mulled/spiced hard cider we tasted there? We loved it so much that I bought a bunch of hard cider, but I have been unable to replicate your success. We’ve been imagining sipping hot cider by the fire while a cold, fall rain falls outside…


    • oliverwinery

      Stephanie, Glad to hear that you had a great visit last Friday! The mulled cider is easy to make-
      3 bottles of Original Beanblossom Hard Cider
      1 bottle of water (just use one of the cider bottles and fill it up with water to measure)
      Approx 1/2 box of Aspen Mulling Spices*
      Honey to taste (about 2-3 tablespoons)

      Mix all ingredients in a crockpot and let it warm up to hot. (You can also do it on a stovetop, but this requires a bit more supervision and stirring).
      We usually start a batch around 9am and it is piping hot and tasty by the time the Tasting Room opens at 10.

      Couple of tips-
      Start with about half of the recommended spices and honey, then add more to taste. Personally, I favor a strong, spiced cider!
      *If you really want to replicate the taste, we recommend using Aspen Mulling Spice brand spices. You can make your own “blend” with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice but as you may have found it is really difficult to get the spices right. That little carton is magical!! If you didn’t buy any on your visit last week, we sell them online . You may be able to find Aspen Mulling Spices at your local Hallmark store or kitchen goods store. Hope this helps and Happy Fall!!


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