A Tropical Treat in the middle of winter- White Sangria is here!

Post by Jessika Hane, HR Director

We have just released a brand new wine in the Tasting Room- White Sangria Classic!

This semi-sweet wine is absolutely delicious, bursting with ripe citrus and tropical flavors. When I tasted it this morning, I was instantly transported back to my vacation in Costa Rica a few years ago when we sipped fruity drinks from the swim-up bar at the pool. Ah, memories…

With a few more weeks of winter still on the calendar, nothing could be better than a glass of White Sangria to transport us to warmer place. One of my favorite things about White Sangria Classic (and Sangria Classic) is that it is ready to drink. Just pour it into your wine glass and enjoy. White Sangria is available now in our Tasting Room and will soon be making its way to a store near you.

Fill a pitcher with White Sangria Classic and garnish with sliced citrus and fresh berries for a fun and festive look.

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