The buds of spring…in March!!

Post by Bernie Parker, Vineyard Manager

Spring has passed us by and we have jumped right into summer! Seven days of record highs in the last eight days have really pushed the buds out more than two weeks earlier than any season since I started at Creekbend Vineyard.  Here are a couple of pictures that Bill Oliver took this week of the Catawba and Chardonnay.

What this means is we have three more weeks to worry about frost!!!  I may have to double up on my blood pressure meds.  The big picture of weather fronts and jet streams is favorable for more mild weather.

Today, March 27th, brought our first threat of a frost and I spent the night babysitting the vines, keys in hand ready to start the Orchard Rite fans, but we got by without any frost.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the growers in Michigan and Ohio who had a more serious possibility of freezing.

So, to quote Bill, “Keep your fingers crossed for no frost during the remainder of Spring.”  I second that!!

FYI- Last year, we posted a video on our YouTube channel about our frost fans and how we use them to protect budding grapevines from potential frost damage. Check it out!

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