Tunes on the Terrace starts next month

For good reason, we’ve asked a Beatles cover band to open our Tunes on the Terrace summer concert series again this year. Besides bringing our patio to its knees last summer, The Rigbys also have supernatural powers to ward off severe weather, dissipate storms and woo Mother Nature so that our customers can enjoy a glass of wine and some barbecue. Here is what I’m talking about.

The Rigbys

The Rigbys will return Friday, June 22, for an uncanny Beatles-like performance here at the winery. Tickets (worth it) are $35 for the Upper Patio, $30 for the Lower Patio and $25 for the lawn. This year’s lineup also includes Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel on July 20, Tad Robinson on August 17, and The Vallures on September 14. Our Early Bird Special runs through Thursday, May 31, and will save you $5 on any of these shows. Visit the winery for tickets, or call us at 812.876.5800.

A crucial part of our summer concert series (and life, in general) is what you’ll be fed. Smokin’ Jack’s Rib Shack will cater again this year, and our tasting room staff will help you when you’re thirsty. You will be drooling over the bands or the beautiful scenery, and we will offer you a refreshing drink. Perhaps our Moscato or Sangria. And wine should always be paired with food. You like barbecue, right? See how it all comes together?

Note, I am Christy, the newest member of the marketing team here at Oliver Winery. Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions on how to better communicate what we’re doing with the public. Also note, because I’m new, I could have gotten away with so many Beatles puns in this post. Do you have a ticket to ride? Our patio, that is? All you need is love, and a ticket. So buy yours today. Let it B…BQ.

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