Happy birthday, we’re on Instagram

Bernie Parker, vineyard manager. Instagrammed with bicycle in Chardonel yellow.

It’s a shame Instagram wasn’t around when Professor Bill Oliver was hobbying away at his basement wine, or when he sold his first bottle of Camelot Mead, or when he invited dozens of thirsty Hoosiers who’d never stepped foot in a commercial winery to stomp his grapes in buckets. We’re sure his customers and tasters would have Instagrammed their long afternoons at the winery, too. All told, their Instagrams would probably resemble the photos that were actually taken with non-smart phones, called cameras. We have lots of vintage photos. We’ve scanned them, filed them on our computers, and used them in slideshows for years. Now, it’s time to join Instagram.

Oak barrels. Future homes to so many reds.

Our 40th birthday is a good reminder to keep documenting all the work we’re doing / fun we’re having here at Oliver Winery and our Creekbend Vineyard. And it’s another way of keeping up with our visitors, who Instagram all day from the Tasting Room and the gardens (We see you! RetweetLike!).

If you want to follow us back, search for “oliverwinery” (no spaces). In the beginning, look forward to beautifully filtered images of baby grapes, summer picnics, flora, and vineyard managers in floppy hats. Things will pick up this fall, when the grapes have clustered and matured and are ready to be abra cadabra’d into that sweet (or dry) wine you’ll be drinking this time next year. Also look for contests and giveaways on Instagram — probably our Beanblossom Hard Cider, because that’s what we’re excited about right now. Cider, Instagram, and our birthday. Can we be excited about three things?

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