Happy Hour: Pulley Chairs at the WonderLab

Oliver Winery is proud to sponsor a piece of WonderLab Museum’s newest exhibit, Simple Machine Mania, on display now! Our machine is Pulley Chairs, and it’s no game. Some of us adults thought of it more as a total body workout in a chair. Of course Bill and Kathleen were some of the first adults to try it Tuesday night at the opening donor reception. Kathleen had no trouble pulling herself up to the very top, but she’s the mother of three boys, so her arms literally are machines.

The Olivers brought all three sons, Wesley (12), Gibson (11) and Dashel (7) to try out the Pulley Chairs. They found a couple thousand other things to play with, too. Their faces pretty much looked like this the whole time:

Dashel (above) also rediscovered Oliver Winery’s first donation to the WonderLab, a two-story grapevine that he slithered through like only a seven-year-old boy can. We’re really impressed by how well the grapevine has held up. After all, it’s older than Dashel himself.

By sheer luck, Tuesday was also the night Venus passed in front of the sun, so we all learned even more about science by staring directly into the ball of fire through a welder’s glass (Bill’s idea). I was really glad to be invited, as you can see from my pinpression:

We’re really grateful to have an educational children’s museum, that’s also fun for adults, right in the heart of downtown Bloomington. That is why we continue to support the WonderLab!

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