First Day of Harvest: Valvin Muscat 2012

Meet Valvin Muscat. These white wine grapes develop early and burst with flavor right off the vine. They are exotic, the pineapple of wine grapes. But also floral, and we might even say tropical. Their low acidity allows for a dry wine style, but there is just something a little different about a Valvin Muscat grape. We have found this particular grape’s flavor is best when picked at high pH. Which is why we had to pick this year’s crop, a whole 2.5 tons, before lunchtime today.

Ross, harvesting the Valvin Muscat
Valvin Muscat 2012

Harvest season is officially on. The picking began at 7:30 a.m. and ended with an additional 2.3 tons of Pinot Grigio, another dry white grape that we found to be perfectly ripened on Monday. This year we’re working with about a half-acre of mature Pinot Grigio and a half acre of four-year-old vines. Our vineyard staff found no rot whatsoever in the Valvin or Pinot crops, but did come across a few bees.

Ben and bee
We also had some visitors from WTIU who filmed some action shots in the vineyard. We think the grapes really enjoyed the attention.

Expect to see a lot more from us this fall. We’re looking forward to a fantastic vintage!

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