Yesterday’s Harvest: Chardonnay and Vignoles

Basically, the vineyard looked like a screensaver yesterday. We were lucky enough to walk through it all morning, harvesting row by row until we collected 1.5 tons of Chardonnay and eight tons (the average weight of an adult male elephant, btw) of Vignoles.

Chardonnay, 8:30 a.m.
Abby, among the Vignoles

A word on Vignoles. We grow it on some of the highest and best ground at Creekbend because it is typically slow growing, small producing and prone to rot. When done right, its flavor is a beautiful balance of peach, pear and apricot. This year’s vintage tastes amazing. Skins are warm yellow and tie dyed with rustic purple. Looks weathered like your grandma’s Tupperware. Tastes as clean as the best German Riesling.

Chardonnay was harvested first thing yesterday morning and our winemakers were crushing it in batches before lunchtime. Another delicious grape, though entirely different in flavor. This fruit has a rich honey profile with lemony finish — very sweet as a grape, but after fermentation it will make a dry white wine with almost no residual sugar. We like it in either form.

Chardonnay, pre-crush
Another day in winemaker’s paradise. John crushing the Chardonnay.

We’ll be harvesting four days straight next week. Stay tuned! The fun is just beginning.

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