Rain or shine: Traminette

Bernie and Ross, rain or shine

What do wine grapes and babies have in common? They are precious, and they don’t sleep. Traminette was ready to pick this morning, mud or shine. One more day on the vine could have exposed Traminette to the dangers of rot and over ripening, and we didn’t want to lose the optimal flavor bursting from these grapes today. The rain was just background noise.

Traminette is a delicious white grape that makes a floral/spicy aromatic wine with a hint of sweetness and a lingering aftertaste. It’s the Midwest version of Gewürztraminer, and so widely loved that it’s been chosen as Indiana’s signature wine. We have two fields ready to pick today, roughly 18 tons of fruit, and are crushing some now, actually.

Matt, crushing
The crushing process
Pre-crush. About 1,000 pounds of beautiful Traminette

One thought on “Rain or shine: Traminette

  1. Melanie robbins

    i love the soft red that u guys make! its great! and just to let u know. somethibg i thought was totally awesome is that i put mine in the freezer for a while and when i poured it in my glass, it made little tiny ice cubes and they were star shaped! it was really cool!


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