Cheers to the Oliver balloon

Some words about this weekend’s River Rocks Hot Air Balloon Festival from our pilot, Warren Smith:

Friday was a beautiful sunny fall afternoon. The wind was light and variable which presented our first problem. We were to fly out of Coolridge Park. The decision was made to reconvene in Coolidge Park to take a look at the winds. I met with our passengers from Sports Wine and Spirits. I told them we were to do a supplemental weather briefing at Coolidge Park and they opted to meet us there. Once we were all assembled again in Coolidge Park, the decision was made not to risk the flight but to do a glow instead. A good crowd was on hand. It was a beautiful evening.

By 6:15 AM Saturday the phone rang and the flight was canceled due to rain. Some rain was out to the west of us so the decision was made to go ahead and do the glow. We were the headliner and were placed close to the bridge where the Wine over Water event was being held.

Another good crowd was on hand for Sunday evening’s event. Sunday morning the pilot briefing was at 6:45 AM. Our passengers for this morning’s flight were from Hamilton liquors.  A good flight was had by all. We landed in a hay field about six miles from the launch site. This balloon is one of the prettiest designs that anyone has ever seen.  It is a crowd favorite. I am very proud and fortunate to be a part of the Oliver Winery balloon team. Thank you for another great year. I look forward to flying for the Winery again in  2013!

Warren Smith

See the full photo album on Facebook.

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