March Cocktail: Tickle Me Peach


It’s Spring Break here in Bloomington, Indiana. The students have gone home. The professors are on beaches. We’re lonely. It’s snowing. But, the parking downtown is great. It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day. And we have all this wine.

So we decided to make a cocktail.

Let’s talk for a moment about Honey Wine. We’ve been making our Camelot Mead for four decades, as long as Oliver Winery has been making wine in Indiana. Our newest batch is made from premium grade orange blossom honey and comes in four natural fruit flavors. It is light, fresh, and versatile in making cocktails and spritzers. Our March cocktail features Peach Honey Wine, a big favorite in the tasting room and double gold medal winner. It’s also very easy to make, with only four ingredients.

Tickle Me Peach
– Spring Break approved!
5 frozen peach slices
3 oz Oliver Peach Honey Wine
3 oz orange juice
4.5 oz ginger beer

Layer a Collins glass with frozen peach slices, about 5. Fill with ice. Combine Peach Honey Wine and orange juice in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake. Strain into glass. Top with ginger beer.

Let us know how this tastes from wherever you are. Especially if you are on a boat, in a lake, eating a taco, wearing sandals, etc.

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