Blackberry Wine Vinaigrette

Once a year, a big truck pulls up in our drive with the tastiest treat inside: 35,000 pounds of juicy marionberries straight from Oregon. We use them to make our well-known Blackberry wine. After sampling more than our fair share, we know fruit this good could be used in a multitude of ways. Lo and behold, we discovered that our Cellar Assistant had already crafted his own…


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One of my favorite times at the winery is when we make our blackberry wine. Mountains of fresh Oregon marionberries pour into the fermenters. Like bears trying to fatten up for winter, our cellar crew gathers round, gorging ourselves on those delicious, ripe berries.

IMG_8819We use a fruit-forward winemaking style, and I love that the Oliver Blackberry wine made from these berries tastes just like the fresh, ripe fruit when we bring it in the door. I like to enjoy a glass while cooking, but it also has many other culinary uses. My favorite is blackberry vinaigrette. 



Oliver Blackberry Wine Vinaigrette

  • 1 c Oliver Blackberry Wine
  • 1/2 c sugar
  • 3/4 c apple cider vinegar

Combine Oliver Blackberry Wine and sugar in a saucepan over the lowest heat setting. Stir until dissolved and allow to thicken a little. Add apple cider vinegar and remove from heat. Let cool and you are ready to enjoy!

If you prefer a more traditional vinaigrette, mix the above 1:1 with your favorite salad oil, a couple turns of black pepper and maybe a few bits of crushed coriander. Shake vigorously, and voila — Blackberry vinaigrette!

I like it with fresh spring greens, thin-sliced tart apples, a few walnuts, and a little shredded hard cheese. Drizzle liberally with the vinaigrette, and enjoy! 




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