The Rehearsal Dinner: Make it Memorable.

Rehearsal dinners are exciting by nature: the big night before one of the most important events of a lifetime! Close family and friends gather together not just to rehearse for the big day, but also to indulge in the love buzz that surrounds the husband and wife-to-be.  If you are planning a rehearsal dinner, we have some tips to take this event to the next level:




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Thanks, Marjorie and Nate, for letting us use photos from your gorgeous evening!


Quick Cures for the Winter Blues

The winter blues are no joke, so we had a quick chat with our Events & Hospitality Manager, Darcie Lowe, to find out how she beats these gray days. Here’s what she had to say:



Cabernet Hot Chocolate

“I succumb to the winter cold and warm up from the inside out by adding some of our Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 to a cup of hot chocolate (see recipe below). It pairs well with Netflix and a heated blanket!”



Bubblecraft White Mimosa

I love adding a splash of orange juice to our Oliver Bubblecraft White to turn my favorite sparkling wine into a fun breakfast beverage. Perfect for brunch!”



Beanblossom Hard Cider

“Remember summer? Yeah… me either. That’s why I turn to our Beanblossom Original Hard Cider – to take me back to the dog days of summer spent on the lake, sipping refreshing ciders under the hot sun. Pair with some reggae tunes and a travel magazine!”



We like the way you think, Darcie. What are some of your favorite ways to beat the winter blues?

How to Pretend it’s Summer…

Ah, mid-January in the midwest. Cold, gray skies and wet weather — how lovely! We kid, of course. In fact it’s really quite miserable. But we’re not so easily defeated around here, so we’ve come up with a short and sweet guide to bring a little summer into your life, despite Mother Nature’s best efforts.




What’s in your winter survival kit?