Oliver Winery Featured in Wine Enthusiast


2016 was nothing short of an exciting year here at Oliver Winery, and the icing on the cake was a recent Wine Enthusiast article featuring the growth of Indiana wines – sweet wines, to be exact. A phone conversation with Bill Oliver discussed the winemaking niche giving Indiana its surprising success. “I want to make wines that appeal to our customers,” says Oliver, “We are finding niches, and when we find them, we do it well.


A sweet way to start 2017, indeed!


Noir: So good, it might not be here long


We are excited to introduce our second ever blend from Creekbend.

Noir is 75% Corot Noir, 25% Marechal Foch, and about 85% likely we’ll drink it all ourselves in a short amount of time.

Blends come with a blank canvas where we can (A) unconventionally play with Creekbend fruit and (B) introduce a wine unhindered by expectations. And we love that. Creekbend Noir has a round, soft body with low tannins, rich violet hues and no oak influence. It’s perfect for the back porch, or picnics, or midnight full moon canoe outings.

As it goes, Noir was released at the perfect time. September is our favorite month of the year, and also our busiest. In just two weeks we’ve harvested 80 percent of our grapes from Creekbend. About 140 tons of fruit, pressed into 60,000 gallons of juice, filling so many tanks we had to make a map to keep it all straight, and giving us a just a few minutes in a work week to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine.

We have been enjoying Noir every chance we get.




Wednesday we stopped to enjoy it with some Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper cheese and pawpaws from Bill Oliver’s back yard. A paw paw is a tropical-like fruit that happens to grow here in Indiana (Did you know we can grow everything in Indiana?). Like a glass of red wine, the paw paw is full of antioxidants. Eat a paw paw every day with a glass of Noir, and you’ll probably live forever.

Note from Bill: Noir also pairs well with smoked chicken sausage grilled over an open flame with onions and mushrooms. Which is how he enjoyed a bottle the night prior. Our winemakers, John and Dennis, also suggest pairing Noir with delicate meats, like duck or lamb.



We found the high acids in Foch blended perfectly with the Corot, which had very low acids at harvest and brought with it a darker color and flavor intensity. Noir never touched a barrel, and lived only in stainless steel tanks before it was bottled. So the emphasis is on delicate fruit character, best preserved in stainless steel.

Noir is our second ever blend from Creekbend, giving our Chardonel/Vignoles/Vidal Blanc blend its first sibling. It has expanded our Creekbend reds portfolio, falling just before Chambourcin in tannin structure and body, and quite opposite from the rich oak flavors of our 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. We can’t stop drinking it. So if you’d like to taste, best come soon.

Way to shine, Honey Wine

Winemaker John Metzcar with an armload of Honey pride
Winemaker John Metzcar with an armload of Honey pride

We are so proud of our Honey Wines this year. Not only do they taste good — they’ve brought us gold. Gold medals, double gold medals, Best in Class honors, and even these babies. Honey Wine of the Year and Honey Wine Blend of the Year from the Indy International Wine Competition. We stand behind our Honey Wines and are so grateful they’ve been recognized this competition season. Here is a full list of Honey Wine accolades for 2013:

Camelot Mead

Honey Wine of the Year, Indy International Wine CompetitionBest of Class, Indy International Wine Competition
Double Gold, Indy International Wine Competition
Double Gold, Jerry Mead’s New World International Wine Competition
Silver, Consumer Wine Awards

Black Cherry Honey Wine

Best of Class, International Eastern Wine Competition
Gold, International Eastern Wine Competition
Gold, Consumer Wine Awards
Strawberry Honey Wine

Honey Wine Blend of the Year, Indy International Wine Competition
Best of Class, Indy International Wine Competition
Gold, Indy International Wine Competition
Double Gold, Jerry Mead’s New World International Wine Competition
Silver, International Eastern Wine Competition

Peach Honey Wine

Gold, Jerry Mead’s New World International Wine Competition
Gold, Mid-American Wine CompetitionSilver, Consumer Wine Awards

Mango Honey Wine

Double Gold, Jerry Mead’s New World International Wine Competition
Gold, Indy International Wine Competition
Silver, Consumer Wine Awards

Happy Anniversary!


Do you remember when we first met?

You walked in, thirsty and curious. We offered all your new favorite things: a wine flight, a plate of gourmet cheeses and local meats, a slice of Chocolate Port Pecan Pie, mood lighting.

You told your friends. You took a photo of your Tomato Basil Jam. You came back, and here we are, marking our six month anniversary on the square in Bloomington.

Celebrate with us this Wednesday, April 24 through Sunday, April 28 at Oliver Winery Downtown. We’ll have a new wine flight, new cocktails, all our newest wine releases, and a chance to win FREE DESSERT for the next six months!

Thank you for making our downtown adventure such a success. Cheers!

Drew Kincius, Downtown Manager


Everyone Loves Oliver Photo Contest Winners!

Photo by Lyndsey Caird

February was a long, cold month here in Indiana. We invented cocktails to pass the time, but what really got us through the snow and ice were the warm, loving photos that poured into our first ever online photo contest. We wanted to know how people enjoy our wine, and where. We found out, “a lot,” and “everywhere.” At bridal showers and beaches, weddings and campsites, in both of our tasting rooms, among friends, spouses, flowers and animals. It was hard to choose our favorites.

These 20 photos won the contest this round, and will appear on Oliver store displays in supermarkets and liquor stores across the country. Thank you for representing Oliver Winery, a real place with real winemakers and real fans. Everyone loves Oliver — especially these people!

See all winning entries below the jump.

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‘Ello Gov’na!

Look what arrived in the mail!

Our 2012 Governor’s Cup is a prestigious trophy given to the most award winning Indiana winery in the Indy International Wine Competition.

Here is our complete list of medals:

Shiraz Reserve 2010

Creekbend Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 2008
Creekbend Vidal Blanc Sparkling 2010
Peach Honey Wine
Pinot Grigio 2011
Beanblossom Blueberry Hard Cider

Creekbend Vidal Blanc Reserve Sweetened 2011
Creekbend Chambourcin 2010
Creekbend Chambourcin Rosé 2011
Creekbend Traminette 2011
Shiraz Reserve 2009
Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Zinfandel 2010
Camelot Mead Honey Wine
Strawberry Honey Wine
Black Cherry Honey Wine
Mango Honey Wine
Sangria Classic
White Sangria
Beanblossom Original Hard Cider
Beanblossom Peach Hard Cider

Soft Red
Soft White
Maximum Port 2007