Chocolate Lovers Welcome!

Post by Paul Mui, Hospitality Director

Come and see us for Chocolate Lover’s Weekend-February 18th & 19th.

Wine and chocolate.  Individually beloved, together simply a match made in heaven.  That’s why each year over the course of four days in February known as Chocolate Lover’s Weekend on the Uplands Wine Trail, our tasting room is bustling with hundreds of guests eager to enjoy the pairing of Oliver wines and gourmet chocolates.  This Saturday and Sunday, extend your post Valentine’s Day sugar high as we offer up truffles from Indiana’s Ghyslain Chocolatier during our guided wine tasting, and a sampling of delectable hot fudge sauces from Best Boy & Co.  This Fort Wayne-based company is an amazingly charitable business, and this marks their first visit to our tasting room.  Our Sweet Treat Sale also comes to an end on Sunday, so don’t miss your chance to save big on these locally-grown, Creekebend dessert wines.  Come on out, we’ve got a spot waiting for you at the bar!

Tasty handmade chocolates and delicious dessert wines from Creekbend Vineyard- a perfect match!


Staff member, Don, makes sure that there are plenty of chocolates for everyone!